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Banana Plantain Cooked in Coconut Milk

The other day, we decided to cook medium ripe banana plantain in coconut milk, my mother initially wanted to have the banana plantain boiled but since we have one coconut from the hill that my Uncle owned I have suggested to have it cooked with coconut milk. It was been a long time since I have eaten this food and I am craving for it.

My sister sliced the bananas in slices and boiled it with the second milk from the grated coconut, and when it was boiled and dried a little she added the first milk from the coconut and a little sugar and I told her to add a pint of salt for better taste.

Yummy snack!

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Afternoon Snack for the Family: Camote Cue

One of the popular snack foods in the Philippines that you can also find being sold in the street during the afternoon is Camote cue, deep fried sweet potatoes with caramelized sugar which is either white or brown sugar.

During the afternoon, there is someone selling snacks around the neighbourhood but there are days that she failed to show up so we decided to prepare our own afternoon snack. We bought sweet potatoes in the public market when it was market day; it is a day where most farmers are selling their fresh crops and vegetables in cheap prices.

Sweet potatoes are sold per heap or pile, each pile cost P20.00. So much cheaper than being sold in Korea eh, when we are living in Korea we always buy sweet potatoes when we shopped because it is part of my husband’s diet food and it normally cost around P200-300 pesos per small bag.


Sweet potatoes, brown or white sugar and oil

Cooking camote is very simple like how simple the ingredients are, you just need to peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into small round pieces and deep fried them and when they are little brown add some sugar and mixed them carefully and cooked them until the sugar is caramelized. It was best to serve with cold soft drinks to drink.

Tip: Banana Cue is cooked the same way!

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New York Hot Dogs and Pizza

Last night my husband asked me to get him a pepperoni pizza but when I went to Pizza school they are already closing so I went to 59 Pizza which is about 5-10 minutes away but the latter was already closed. It seems both pizza place closed early because of the Lunar New Year which is celebrated in Korea.

New York Hot Dog

Going home I passed by the new shops around the street and I have seen that GS25 sells New York Hot Dog, so I went inside to give it a try and to look for pizza as well. I took picture of the banner so I can show it to the sales clerk but it still took long time before she could understand that I want to order each kind.  I have waited for my order but I was surprised to received the hot dogs without a wrapper just  a piece of cartoon to hold them. The hot dogs comes with free can of Pepsi and when it was handed to me I let the sales clerk to put it on my cross bag as my hands are holding the hot dogs.

GS25 Pizza

When I reached home I can’t open the door so I called for my husband and he was disappointed that I was not able to buy pepperoni pizza and he didn’t like the hot dog as well. So I went to GS25 where we usually buy snacks to look for pizza, and gladly I was able to find pizza for him.

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Hotteok a Sweet Korean Pancakes

Since fall season came the weather in Korea is getting colder, to others it could be a lot of fun but for someone who came from tropical country it requires a lot of warm to have fun. The other day when my husband arrived from school he immediately informed me that the guy we saw selling street foods when we first arrived in our new place was already there selling freshly cooked hotteok.


I immediately went down to buy some it was been a long time since we had them. Hotteok is a Korean pancake with sugary flavor in the inside, well it seems the guy only sells Hotteok and Oding during colder season because we didn’t find him anymore during the summer.

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Simple Bruschetta Recipe

We had bruschetta the other my husband prepared the tasty Italian dish alone, he didn’t let me see what he is doing until it was ready.  I have read that this is a wonderful summer appetizer and can be prepared with tomatoes, basil, garlic. Bruschetta has been popular in Italy since the 15th century and has different variations.

Bruschetta with Tomato

My husband uses these ingredients to prepare bruschetta with tomatoes – tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil leaves,  baguette, parmesan cheese and salt. He just mixed the ingredients all together in a clean bowl and put the mixture in top of the sliced baguette, the bread should be toast but we have no oven in our apartment so this version of bruschetta for us is good to go.

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