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5 Fun Ways to Get in Shape

Transforming your body into the best shape possible doesn’t have to be boring. Sure, you can spend countless hours lifting weights, walking on the treadmill, or counting every calorie that you put in your mouth and get really good results. But if you are looking for a way to give you plenty of motivation to roll out of bed bright and early to knock out the day’s workout, then look no further than these fun classes, workouts, or exercises. You will surely want to lace up your gym shoes if you know that you’ll have fun at the same time.


What could be more fun than shaking your money maker for an hour with some fun, interesting people? That is what Zumba offers that many other workouts are lacking. This dance work out uses the most popular music of the day combined with simple choreography to melt fat and burn calories all while feeling like you are at a big dance party. Many people are intimidated by the thought of dancing in front of other people, but once you try Zumba and realize that everyone else is dancing just like you, you will forget to be embarrassed and have a great time.

Woman Fitness


CrossFit has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years. Aside from the fact that many people are seeing great results and realizing that they have more strength than they even knew, there is a community aspect of Santa Barbara cross fit that many participants enjoy. This weight-lifting, cardio-blasting combination fitness program is performed in a gym that is called “the box.” For many who do CrossFit, their box can become a second home. Everyone encourages each other to reach their fullest potential and move above and beyond the limits that they put on themselves.

Hula Hooping

Once a common playground toy, the hula hoop is making a comeback at gyms everywhere. With classes specific to hula hooping, many people are jumping on board the trend and having a lot of fun doing it. The hula hoops used for working out are often weighted, making them a great tool to help improve balance and strengthen the abdominal muscles, back, and legs at the same time. Don’t be fooled, though. Hula hooping isn’t all fun and games. Performing this workout can burn upwards of 400 calories in only one hour.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Perhaps you have seen photos of celebrities standing on what look like surfboards, paddling around in exotic locations. Stand up paddle boarding has moved from the resorts of the Caribbean to the main land and plenty of people are jumping at the chance to try it out. Because of the paddling motion that you have to perform in order to move your board around, you will feel the burn in your arms, shoulders, and obliques. Plus, you’ll get to practice a lot of balance trying to stay out of the water.


Strapping on your hiking boots and climbing up the mountain not only gets you out of the gym, but it gives you the chance to appreciate nature at the same time. Try adding a hiking pack full of snacks and water and you will get a strength training workout as well without having to lift a single dumbbell.

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Eating Vegetable Salad with Soy Sauce

My husband eat salad as part of his every day meal, boring with the same food I ate every week I tried to eat salad as well. Since I am the one who prepared it I know what are the ingredients, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, garlic, chicken tidbits, soy sauce, olive oil and small portion of rice mixed together.

Vegetable Chicken Salad

I have been trying it for few days, eating salad at night and I have noticed I am slowly losing weight. With that discovery, I might put salad on my daily diet instead of eating big serving of rice and viand at night.

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The 10 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines

When it comes to going out for dinner, you likely want to try something new. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unhealthy options available. If you want to try a healthy restaurant, ethnic food is often the way to go. Here are a few options you might want to consider if you want to avoid loading up on sugars, unhealthy carbohydrates and fats:

Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is full of fresh seafood and herbs, rather than fatty sauces and oils. The soups including noodles are usually made with broth, not oily substances. This makes it easy for you to find low-calorie dishes. Pho, a noodle soup, is one of the healthiest options on the list.


Indian Food

Indian cuisine is based on spices, making it easy for you to avoid fried and oil-based dishes. You will find that curry contains turmeric, which includes healing properties. This is a great dish if you are trying to eat light.

Italian Food

You might be surprised to see that Italian food is on this list. In fact, dishes like pasta primavera are healthy. Instead of cream-based sauce, aim for one that includes tomatoes. Dishes with chicken, light cheese and fresh vegetables are great choices.


Greek Food

Greek food that contains dark, leafy greens, lentils and beans are great options. Mediterranean dishes can help cut cancer, heart disease and other diseases. The best part about going out for Greek food is that the portions are small enough to be healthy.

Spanish Food

Spanish dishes, like tapas, are similar to snacks. Fortunately, most tapas are healthy if they are not fried or cooked in tons of oil. They often contain fresh seafood and vegetables.

Thai Food

Thai food is also great for you because it contains fruits, vegetables, seafood and lean meat. Plus, the use of ginger aids in digestion. Just make sure you ask for all that sauce on the side! Ask for a dish with shrimp, coriander and lemongrass for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Japanese Sushi

Japanese Food

Japanese has a great reputation among health food circles. Japanese cuisine includes fruits, vegetables, steamed rice and seafood. Yams, green tea and bok choy are especially great choices. If you want a great meal, order a cup of miso soup and a few sashimi pieces.

Mexican Food

Mexican food can be very healthy if you steer clear of some of the more Americanized versions. Beans, soup and tomato sauce can be very slimming. If you do order a burrito or taco, ensure that you are ordering a dish with fresh veggies.

Mexican Food

Chinese Food

Traditional Chinese cuisine is nutritious because it contains peanut oil, which does not accumulate in the arteries. Of course peanut oil is not perfectly healthy, but there are still many healthy options for you to consider. Steamed brown rice with a helping of vegetables and chicken is not completely unhealthy.

Chinese Food

French Food

While French food is definitely not the healthiest cuisine on this list, there are many dishes you can order that will not hurt you. French food that uses lighter creams and steamed seafood are ideal. You can order steamed mussels with sautéed vegetables followed by sorbet for dessert.

Now that you know what you need to do next time you want to go out for a delicious meal, you can incorporate these meals into your repertoire. You might even start cooking some of these dishes at home!

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5 Foods That Help Constipation

Being constipated is never a fun experience. It causes pain and discomfort, and it can also make some people feel rather embarrassed. Fortunately, certain foods are able to help with this condition.

High Fiber Cereals

Fiber is a major help when you are constipated, so look for high fiber cereals. You can start your morning off with a healthy breakfast, and hopefully, that constipation will be relieved before you have to go to work. These cereals are tasty, and they do not necessarily taste like a “health” food either. You can still enjoy the taste of your favourite morning bowl.


You probably are not surprised to see beans on this list. While eating a straight can of beans probably does not sound too appealing, you can incorporate these foods into others. For example, rice and beans makes for an excellent side dish. You can also find some pre-made bean burritos in the store, so you can take these with you for your lunches. If you are eating at a Mexican restaurant, beans are readily available. However, you do not want to choose foods that are going to further aggravate your stomach, so be careful.

Banana, Okra, Papaya

Certain Fruits

Some fruits are notorious for helping you to get rid of constipation. Figs and prunes are two examples because these foods have plenty of fiber in them. Yes, you might be covering your mouth at the thought of these two foods because they are not highly favoured ones. Still though, just imagine the relief you will feel if they do work. You could also try mashing them up and hiding them in other foods like a pancake or waffle. Think of it as a jelly instead of what it really is.

Watch a Movie

You might be confused as to how watching a movie is going to help with your constipation. Well, first of all it is going to relax you. More importantly though, a delicious bowl of air-popped popcorn can actually take away your constipation. Once again, this food is packed with fiber. Much like the beans, you need to be aware of its common partners. Try to avoid adding that butter, at least just for today. When you have too much fat with the food, you could just make your stomach feel even worse.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are one way to bring more fiber into your diet, and they are available in many different forms. For example, you might enjoy whole grain bread for your afternoon sandwich or eat a bowl of whole grain pasta for supper with your family. Whatever the case may be, just try to incorporate more of these grains.

These foods really have the ability to help your constipation. Once your constipation is over, do not just forget about them. Adding more fiber into your diet on a regular basis can definitely be a smart strategy to take for optimal health. But if you have little time to wait for these foods to work in your system and are truly uncomfortable try Dulcolax fast acting laxative as sometimes you just need that quick push to get you on the right track. Some people are not suited to this type of diet, so check with your doctor.

Author Bio: John is a dietitian and has been for the past 2 years. In his spare time he likes to write blogs about health, fitness and all round well-being.

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5 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Immune System

As we trudge through the winter months, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep our immune systems up and to stay healthy. In order to ward off the flu and common cold, give your body a head start and take a look at what’s in your kitchen. No matter how delicious your cooking is, if you don’t use the right ingredients, you are short changing your immune system. You can’t expect a Ferrari to run at top performance on regular gas just as you can’t expect your body to run on top performance when you eat junk food. You want to be at the top of your game and have lots of energy during the winter and probably don’t have time to take a week off because of illnesses. Good health begins with what you fuel your body with, so instead of filling your fridge full of butter and iceberg lettuce, try keeping your fridge stocked with these immunity boosting foods.

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken Noodle soup seems to be a universal comfort and rightfully so. Consuming the broth helps get you the fluid that you need to keep off viruses. The hot broth also thins mucous to fight congestion. To get even more of an immune boost from your soup, load it full of colorful veggies such as carrots and peas. Don’t forget to add onion and garlic! Onions and garlic contain antiseptics when combined which destroy harmful bacteria found in your body.


If there is such a thing as good germs, you can find them in yogurt. Instead of antibiotics, yogurt contains probiotics that are found naturally in your digestive system. These help promote a healthy digestive tract and can boost your immune system. That’s not all when it comes to yogurt. Calcium, animal protein, vitamins, potassium, and magnesium are all found in yogurt and help contribute to your overall health.


Good blueberries can be hard to come by in the winter but if you are lucky enough to do so then your immune system is in for a treat. Blueberries are full of antioxidants to help your immune system fight off illnesses and disease. Add them into your morning yogurt or put them in a mixed green salad for some extra flavor.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits

Can’t complain about getting lots of vitamin C! Citrus fruits are packed full of this cold fighting vitamin and they are full of flavor. If you live in an area where you don’t always have the best selection of fruit, try getting your vitamin C from other foods such as broccoli, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

Tea and Honey

The perfect duo. Black and green teas contain lots of antioxidants and drinking them hot helps to thin mucous and fight congestion. Add honey into the mix and you can’t go wrong. The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that are found in honey help to fight off infections from bacteria, viruses and fungus. Honey also coats the throat which can help sooth it if it’s sore or scratchy.

Author Bio

Cassie Corbett is nutritionist and culinary enthusiast.  She writes for the cookware distributor