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Catering Equipment On A Budget

For many, owning your own catering business is a dream come true, and there are many ways to satisfy your love for cooking whilst also making a decent living. If you’re up to date with the latest food trends, and you love to host dinner parties for friends and family, you can easily combine you’re entrepreneurial drive with your favourite hobby to give your skills a platform to develop. However there are a number of things that need to be in place before you start taking bookings!

In the world of catering, whether you get your business through word of mouth or you actively seek clients, you will need to find your culinary niche, and make sure it carries the name of your company through every bite and smell. Additionally, you’re going to need a solid foundation of equipment to ensure you can actually prepare hot and cold food, and seeing that most start-ups will be working to a tight budget, this can be tricky.

Thankfully there’s no need to fret, as we’ve compiled a list of the top catering considerations as well as some equipment you’ll be able to pick up within your budget.

Cheap Catering

Guest Profiles

One of the first things you’ll have to do when starting up your catering business, other than find your culinary niche, is to distinguish your guest or client profiles. Not only will you need to understand and differ the services you offer to friends and business clients, but you will also need to be knowledgeable about the services your competitors offer.

In order to make your business stand out, it’s imperative that you complement your food with a bespoke and professional service, as well as offering more than the next catering company in your area and price range. One you have these targets set out, there’s no going back, and you’ll need to retain that high level of food and service in order to retain customers.

Understand Preferences

With different clients come different preferences, and this can be a good thing and a bad thing. Within the catering industry, you must be able to offer a variety of menus depending on the age group of your clients, and limiting your menu will ultimately limit the expansion of your business.

For example, if you’re catering for an older group of professionals, like a book club get together, a milder menu is advisable. Your food will be there as a refreshment, and not as the centre piece of the engagement; offering something for everyone is the key to these types of bookings.

You will also get bookings where your food will be an essential element of the event, such as a charity auction. It is here where you can offer something more outlandish, and show off your culinary delights though a specific menu. You can have a look at the latest Catering equipment with Fridge Freezer Direct.

Essential Equipment

When you’re on the road with your catering business, you’ll need to keep a few pieces of equipment to hand when things get busy. A quality chef’s knife can be picked up relatively cheaply, however it’s good to note that the more you pay, the longer it will last. A portable rice cooker always comes in handy when catering for large groups, and again there are a variety of brands that offer great prices on this essential. Finally, don’t forget your lemon squeezer!

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Chicken on a Stick with Teriyaki Sauce

We have been craving for KFC’s double down sandwich these past few days but the KFC outlet is about 5 kilometers from where we are and we are bit lazy to travel.  At the ground floor of our apartment building there’s a BBQ Olive Topokki outlet or Olive-dduk and they have chicken barbecue which we first mistaken as meat when we saw their menu outside.

Korean Chicken on a Stick

On my first visit in the BBQ Chicken I have ordered 4 sticks and when they asked me what sauce I want it took us long time to understand each other. So I just said all flavor including hot sauce which I regretted because it was too spicy.

Korean Chicken on a Stick

So the second time I visited the shop I bought 6 sticks and ordered chicken barbecue on teriyaki sauce.

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Kyochon Chicken

After our short trip to downtown we decided to buy fried chicken at the nearby chicken joint, Kyochon. I went in and order after asking the guy in the counter what do they have (flavor), I order original.  I remain standing for few minutes because their only table is occupied, one of their guys is eating in front of 2 or three boxes of pizza, some of the chairs are around him and then another guy came in and sit in front of the pizza. Well nobody offered me a chair so when I felt tired standing I asked how long should I wait, 10 minutes, 15 or 20 minutes. The guy in the counter replied 10 minutes so I went out and tell them I am going to return after 10 minutes.

Kyochon Chicken Set

I went back to our apartment and after 15 minutes I returned to picked my order. It was already ready when I came in I was surprised seeing a  bottle of coke so I told the guy I didn’t order a coke but I think it is part of the set so I asked him if it is included in my order, which he replied yes by moving his head up and down.

When I arrived in our apartment my husband was surprised seeing a small box of chicken, he is expecting a larger box like those pizza box or chicken from Masday.

Kyochon Chicken

The chicken was good, it turns our their original flavors is garlic flavor with honey. The chicken is crispy and taste good but probably we are not going to order anymore because it is quite of expensive, as my husband says next time he will order KFC chicken or Masday Chicken instead of Kyochon chicken.

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KFC Zinger Double Down Sandwich

The Double Down Sandwich from KFC is my husband and I all time favorite. Before we moved into our new apartment we are anticipating to have KFC double sandwich every Friday. We both enjoyed the meaty and juicy chicken, the double down has bacon, melted cheese and the Colonel’s secret sauce, pinched in between two pieces of KF’C’s Zinger fillets (hot and spicy).

This sandwich has no bread on it, it was all juicy chicken. Since we moved here a month ago we didn’t had double down sandwich again and I am looking forward where we can have it again.

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Deep Fried Chicken

Eating fast food is the easiest way to feed our hungry stomach. As I am quite busy these past few days I am not able to update this blog everyday, well few days ago we are both hungry for Kentucky fried chicken but since we moved to Shinha which is 4km from the main town having KFC is not that good idea especially when you are little lazy to travel and walk around.

Instead we shopped at Lotte Super nearby and look around their instant food/meal on sale. They have different of fast food in one both like bbimbap, chicken, duck meat, dumplings, meat, barbecue and etc.,

We found this fried chicken very cheap compare buying from other shop and fast food stores. The number of chicken are enormous, the sales clerk asked us something but since we couldn’t understand we just shake our head up and down. We are instructed to wait for 5 minutes it turns out she deep fried them again, once they were handed back to me I know the chicken was burnt or have been over fried.

The chicken was already fried, it should be reheated only but I don’t know what happened in the kitchen.

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