Cutting Edge Knives

If you are a cutlery aficionado then you are always on the lookout for what’s new in knives – no doubt you have a few ceramic knives and maybe even one of those expensive one-piece stainless steel knives from Japan. It used to be that it was a big deal when someone pulled out an electric carving knife to deal with the holiday turkey but nowadays cooking is so popular and there are so many celebrity chefs and cooking shows that even the most exotic cutlery has become mainstream.

One exotic import that is incredibly popular is the santoku style knife; this Japanese knife design offers three uses and the name actually means “three virtues”. The santoku knife is considered a general purpose knife in Japan and is best used for slicing, dicing and mincing foods. The santoku knife is considered to be exceptionally well balanced and harmonious in both design and functionality. You will find that many different knife manufacturers now offer this popular style of knife.

Materials are a big part of knife functionality and there have been many innovative attempts to use materials such as glass and ceramic to create knives which are both sharp and that will hold an edge. It’s also not uncommon to see these same materials used to craft knife sharpeners; a diamond dust coated sharpening rod or steel is perhaps one of the most popular tools for sharpening knives and many chefs carry one at all times.

It’s often said that a sharp knife is a safe knife because a sharp knife is much easier to use. When working with a dull knife you often exert too much force; the knife can easy slip and accidents are the unfortunate result.

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