Hungry People Don’t Lose Weight

If you participate in a diet that consists of starving yourself, it is not uncommon for you to be constantly thinking of food and therefore it is only a matter of time before you start to give in. It begins with perhaps an extra big dinner because you ate hardly anything for breakfast or lunch and ran out of fruit to snack on. The next day you may feel like something little for elevenses and happen to stumble across an uneaten chocolate bar. This can quickly escalate to a daily snack before lunch, chocolate and crisps before it turns into an early lunch. An early lunch means an early dinner which means you get extra hungry before bed which in turn signifies the need for supper…

Before you know it, you are in a worse position than when you started the damn diet.

I would recommend learning how to lose weight with Dukan. Their methods are simple and personalized so it is unique to you. Your True weight (calculated as close to your ideal weight as you are physically capable of reaching) is given to you before you pay a penny and then you can embark on your diet knowing it is a reachable target.

Instead of concentrating on the foods you can’t eat, the Dukan 100 foods list shows you the ideal foods to be eating and there are new recipes involving those foods uploaded to the website every day. These foods are generally those which most people would eat on a regular basis anyway so it is not a difficult diet to follow.

This diet strategy also involves exercise, as any legitimate attempt to get healthier and slimmer should, which in normal cases would help distract from not eating. However, in this case, as you are encouraged to eat rather than starve, it is purely an additional boost to aid your weight loss plan. Hungry people don’t lose weight, but eat the right things and exercise the right amount and you will see the difference.

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