Kitchen Cutlery The Finer Things

If you are someone who appreciates quality then you are likely to value the finer things in life – you know and respect Kershaw® brand knives when seeking a top quality pocket knife; you seek out the best brands when shopping for sterling silver and stainless cutlery and you factor in design and craftsmanship when making a purchase decision. You are an educated consumer and not someone who pays attention to passing fashions, fads and trends.

Kitchen CutleryWhen choosing kitchen cutlery for yourself or as a gift you want the best value and you prefer to buy quality instead of quantity. This is an acquired skill and it can be frustrating to see younger or more inexperienced people make hasty and foolish purchase decisions – for some folks it can be tempting to buy the first thing they see and go for more stuff instead of better stuff.

The best way to gently educate others is both by example and offering advice and direction as well as by directing them to reliable sources such as manufacturers’ websites. You may already be very familiar with the top names in cutlery – brands such as JA Henckels and Wüstof® which have been around for over a hundred years – but first time buyers may have no exposure to or experience with such legendary brands.

By looking at a manufacturer website one can learn the finer points of cutlery design, materials and craftsmanship and determine what distinguishes one brand from another. It’s also a great way to learn how to properly care for cutlery so that when you make an investment you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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