Mandu – Korean Dumplings

Are you familiar with mandu?  Mandu are dumplings in Korean cuisine, we called it Siomai in the Philippines. According to history Mandu was first brought to Korea by the Mongols in 14th century during the Goryeo Dynasty, they are similar to pelmeni and pierogi in some Slavic cultures. The name is a cognate to the names of similar types of meat-filled dumplings in Central Asia, such as Turkish manti, Kazakh manty, and Uzbek manti.


Mandu here are over flowing here I mean there’s a lot  , you can find it everywhere you go. You can either boil, steam,  fry and heat this to a microwave oven. It has many varieties including kimchi dumplings.

2 Responses to “Mandu – Korean Dumplings”

  1. chie says:

    hello sis..stopping by here naghahanap ng snack..

    i haven’t tried this kind of dumpling..the cut is different from the usual

  2. Mona says:

    I knew dumpling but not familiar with mandu .. Tamang tingin na lang ako dito.