Green Salad with Chicken Tidbits

Chicken Salad

My husband “discover” a new meal that he could add on his diet, green salad with tomato, lettuce, olive oil, vinegar and chicken tidbits all mixed together. I say discover because it is not part of his diet but one night while looking for a food to eat he saw my tomatoes in the fridge […]

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Instant Meal and Free Carbonated Juice

Instant Meal

Eating instant meal became our past time these past few days.  My husband is craving for energy chocolate and  instant meal so I went to the nearby GS25,  the meal has free carbonated drinks which is lime and peach. The meal was quite different from the other meal because it has complete package from salad […]

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Vegetable Soup with Broccoli

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a healthy diet for everybody. As I am tired of eating sausages, meat and oatmeal I decided to cook vegetable soup the other day and unlike most of the soup I have cooked I added broccoli to my soup and it was great. Just too bad that I was not able to […]

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Chicken Burger Cravings

Burger and Chocolate

After two weeks vacation in Russia we finally came home the other night. Anyway last night my husband requested me to treat him, he is craving for chicken burger and instant meal. So I went to the nearby convenient store to buy the food he likes. It’s a treat so I’ll pay for it, as […]

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Macaroons Mocha Cake from Paris Baguette

Macaroons Mocha Cake

After watching the season finale of The American Baking Competition we agreed to have a cake last weekend, we’ve been watching the tv show since it started and we always end up craving for sweets and pastries. Originally I would like to buy chocolate cake but my husband tired of me always buying chocolate cake […]

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