Grilled Steak on Friday Cheat Day


Taping fliers on your door is normal in Korea, there are times we could find 2 or 3 food fliers taped in our door from different super market or restaurants, every month there’s a small booklet too full of advertisements from different food establishments. So the other day when I went out to throw our […]

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Noodles and Bread my Instant Meal

Noodles and Bread

Being busy online leaves me no choice but to eat food that are easy to prepare and cook. So I often eat noodles, boiled or fried egg, fried spam and even sometimes instant meal. This is my meal the other night noodles and bread, it brings back memories because we typically eat noodles and bread […]

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Cheese Sticks and Korean Pepper Street Food

Cheesesticks in a Stick

The other day my husband craves for the cheese stick I bought from the canteen in the corner so he asked me to buy few and pepper twigim as well. When I went there it was a little busy it seems most of the Korean felt cold from the rain and decided to have street […]

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My KFC Zinger Burger Meal

KFC Zinger Burger

My husband asked me to buy double down sandwich from KFC but when I ordered it is sold out. Left no choice I bought burger instead, I had the zinger burger which is a bit spicy, it comes with french fries and medium size glass of coke. The KFC in downtown has new meal for […]

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Benefits of Instant Meal

Instant Meal

Probably most of us has no time to cook meal when we are rushing and busy in to something.  That’s where instant meal and  fast food came to the rescue, they are easy to get and no sweat on cooking. Eating instant meal is not unhealthy when you know what food to eat,  there are […]

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