Mouthwatering BHC Chicken

BHC Chicken

My husband and I is craving for chicken last night so we decided to try BHC Chicken, to make sure what we would like to order we look on their menu online. They have plenty of chicken menu compare to other fried chicken establishment, I took picture of the chicken we would like to order […]

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Catering Equipment On A Budget

Cheap Catering

For many, owning your own catering business is a dream come true, and there are many ways to satisfy your love for cooking whilst also making a decent living. If you’re up to date with the latest food trends, and you love to host dinner parties for friends and family, you can easily combine you’re […]

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Chicken on a Stick with Teriyaki Sauce

Korean Chicken on a Stick

We have been craving for KFC’s double down sandwich these past few days but the KFC outlet is about 5 kilometers from where we are and we are bit lazy to travel.  At the ground floor of our apartment building there’s a BBQ Olive Topokki outlet or Olive-dduk and they have chicken barbecue which we […]

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Sauteed Vegetables with Hot Dog

Stir Fried vegetables with hot dog

The other day I experimented cooking the hot dog by adding stir fried vegetables.  I added ginisa mix to add more taste other than salt. It was awesome for me but as usual my husband comment is it is crap without tasting it. Lol Cooking this was very easy I sauted garlic and then add […]

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5 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Citrus Fruits

As we trudge through the winter months, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep our immune systems up and to stay healthy. In order to ward off the flu and common cold, give your body a head start and take a look at what’s in your kitchen. No matter how delicious your cooking is, if you […]

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