Dumpling Soup

I have been hooked up playing Candy Crush Saga in Facebook when my husband asked me how willing I am to go downstairs and buy Tteokbokki and mandu, I just replied I will buy later and continue to play the game. I have been trapped for two days already in Level 27 of Candy Crush […]

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Burrito Korean Version

I am not sure what’s the name of this snack/bread so I just called it burrito a Korean version. This is one of my favorite, it consist of eggs, glass noodles, rice, kimchi, mayonnaise and some flavoring, it is a little spicy too. We had short walk tonight as exercise, we first went to Nonghyup […]

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Smoked Chicken

My husband and I has  new favorite from GS25, that is smoked chicken.  This chicken is more juicy than the chicken drumsticks we usually buy at Gs25.  We just heat it in the microwave and it was ready to eat. This smoked chicken is cheap than buying the whole chicken in the market and cooked […]

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Pizza from GS25

We are already living in a new apartment since we moved last Saturday. Good to hear that there’s GS25 store nearby so when we are hungry in the middle of the night, it would still be easy for us to buy the food we want. Just tonight my husband asked me to buy pizza and […]

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8 Traditional English Foods Fit For A Royal Wedding

With the royal wedding still fresh in everyone’s mind, it’s no wonder that many couples are using the regal ceremony as inspiration when planning their own special day. While sometimes overlooked, creating a stellar menu is one of the most important steps in ensuring that your wedding is a complete success. If you’re looking for […]

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