Kitchen Cutlery The Finer Things

Kitchen Cutlery

If you are someone who appreciates quality then you are likely to value the finer things in life – you know and respect Kershaw® brand knives when seeking a top quality pocket knife; you seek out the best brands when shopping for sterling silver and stainless cutlery and you factor in design and craftsmanship when […]

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Kit-Kat and Choco Mania Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bulgaria

Ice cream is a popular frozen dessert which is usually made from dairy products, milk and cream and often combined with different flavors like fruits. The weather in Bulgaria is warm and eating ice cream is very popular, as you can find ice cream booth every where. Ice cream in the street of  Bulgaria is […]

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Sauteed Corned Beef with Potato

Corned Beef and Potato

One of the canned goods I have missed to eat is corned beef so when I got chance I went to the Asian store in downtown  and buy few canned goods including sardines. At home I sauteed half can of the corned beef in onion and garlic with potatoes, half only because I already ate […]

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Grilling Bulgogi at Home

Grilled Bulgogi

My husband and I both love barbecue or grilled meat that’s why we had a electric grill at home. It is more convenient and cheaper than going to barbecue joints/restaurant.  As we are leaving Korea soon I have asked my husband’s permission to send the electrical grill to my family and before depositing it on […]

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Sauteed Monggo Beans

Sauteed Monggo Beans

With the presence of Asian store anywhere, cooking and eating food I can only eat in the Philippines is now possible to eat overseas. I have been eating sausage and ramen noodles these past few days so I decided to saute monggo beans,  I boiled the monggo beans before sauteing it. As it was first […]

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