The 10 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines

When it comes to going out for dinner, you likely want to try something new. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unhealthy options available. If you want to try a healthy restaurant, ethnic food is often the way to go. Here are a few options you might want to consider if you want to avoid loading up on sugars, unhealthy carbohydrates and fats:

Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is full of fresh seafood and herbs, rather than fatty sauces and oils. The soups including noodles are usually made with broth, not oily substances. This makes it easy for you to find low-calorie dishes. Pho, a noodle soup, is one of the healthiest options on the list.


Indian Food

Indian cuisine is based on spices, making it easy for you to avoid fried and oil-based dishes. You will find that curry contains turmeric, which includes healing properties. This is a great dish if you are trying to eat light.

Italian Food

You might be surprised to see that Italian food is on this list. In fact, dishes like pasta primavera are healthy. Instead of cream-based sauce, aim for one that includes tomatoes. Dishes with chicken, light cheese and fresh vegetables are great choices.


Greek Food

Greek food that contains dark, leafy greens, lentils and beans are great options. Mediterranean dishes can help cut cancer, heart disease and other diseases. The best part about going out for Greek food is that the portions are small enough to be healthy.

Spanish Food

Spanish dishes, like tapas, are similar to snacks. Fortunately, most tapas are healthy if they are not fried or cooked in tons of oil. They often contain fresh seafood and vegetables.

Thai Food

Thai food is also great for you because it contains fruits, vegetables, seafood and lean meat. Plus, the use of ginger aids in digestion. Just make sure you ask for all that sauce on the side! Ask for a dish with shrimp, coriander and lemongrass for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Japanese Sushi

Japanese Food

Japanese has a great reputation among health food circles. Japanese cuisine includes fruits, vegetables, steamed rice and seafood. Yams, green tea and bok choy are especially great choices. If you want a great meal, order a cup of miso soup and a few sashimi pieces.

Mexican Food

Mexican food can be very healthy if you steer clear of some of the more Americanized versions. Beans, soup and tomato sauce can be very slimming. If you do order a burrito or taco, ensure that you are ordering a dish with fresh veggies.

Mexican Food

Chinese Food

Traditional Chinese cuisine is nutritious because it contains peanut oil, which does not accumulate in the arteries. Of course peanut oil is not perfectly healthy, but there are still many healthy options for you to consider. Steamed brown rice with a helping of vegetables and chicken is not completely unhealthy.

Chinese Food

French Food

While French food is definitely not the healthiest cuisine on this list, there are many dishes you can order that will not hurt you. French food that uses lighter creams and steamed seafood are ideal. You can order steamed mussels with sautéed vegetables followed by sorbet for dessert.

Now that you know what you need to do next time you want to go out for a delicious meal, you can incorporate these meals into your repertoire. You might even start cooking some of these dishes at home!

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