Chicken Barbecue in the Street

It is already summer months in Philippines and barbecue and such are becoming popular in the streets. It was been a week ago since a neighbour sells barbecue, it was hit among everybody. We bought few sticks the other day since we are craving for something savoury.

Chicken Barbecue

We had neck and head barbecue, it cost P10.00 per stick. She also has some other stuff like chicken feet, pork belly, hot dogs and etc. But when I showed my husband a pic of what we have bought and eaten, he said it was the food they feed to dogs and cats (lol). It must be to Western countries but to Asia they are the type of foods that are gastronomically delicious to empty stomach.

Barbecues sold in the stick are most like by Filipinos when they are drinking with friends, or eating them in the streets.

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Chicken on a Stick with Teriyaki Sauce

We have been craving for KFC’s double down sandwich these past few days but the KFC outlet is about 5 kilometers from where we are and we are bit lazy to travel.  At the ground floor of our apartment building there’s a BBQ Olive Topokki outlet or Olive-dduk and they have chicken barbecue which we first mistaken as meat when we saw their menu outside.

Korean Chicken on a Stick

On my first visit in the BBQ Chicken I have ordered 4 sticks and when they asked me what sauce I want it took us long time to understand each other. So I just said all flavor including hot sauce which I regretted because it was too spicy.

Korean Chicken on a Stick

So the second time I visited the shop I bought 6 sticks and ordered chicken barbecue on teriyaki sauce.

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