Chicken Barbecue in the Street

It is already summer months in Philippines and barbecue and such are becoming popular in the streets. It was been a week ago since a neighbour sells barbecue, it was hit among everybody. We bought few sticks the other day since we are craving for something savoury.

Chicken Barbecue

We had neck and head barbecue, it cost P10.00 per stick. She also has some other stuff like chicken feet, pork belly, hot dogs and etc. But when I showed my husband a pic of what we have bought and eaten, he said it was the food they feed to dogs and cats (lol). It must be to Western countries but to Asia they are the type of foods that are gastronomically delicious to empty stomach.

Barbecues sold in the stick are most like by Filipinos when they are drinking with friends, or eating them in the streets.

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Hosting a Pig Roast? Here’s What to Serve Alongside Your Roast

Roasting a whole pig in a roasting box is a fantastic option for a party, wedding or other event. There is something inherently celebratory about roasting an entire animal on a spit and the delicious barbeque smell is sure to have everyone salivating.

When you are hosting a party with a pig roast hire, it is the big hunk of roasting pork that will certainly taste centre stage. However, it is also important to consider the condiments, sauces and side dishes that you offer along with it. Your guests will not want to just eat pork all by itself and if you serve the right side dishes they will complement the meat and make it even more enjoyable.

Prepare the Pig with a Marinade

If you want to spice up your pig roast and give it a bit of a different flavour, you can always rub the meat with a marinade that will offer it a bit more flavour throughout the process. For example, a tomato relish, a lemon salsa or a cherry sauce can really add a lot of delicious flavour to a roast pig, especially if it is added throughout the cooking process and allowed to soak into the meat.

Pig Roast

Corn on the Cob

A great accompaniment to any pig roast is some delicious creamy corn on the cob. Take some fresh corn and steam it, right in the husks themselves. Offer plenty of butter and salt for your guests so that they can season their own corn on the cob. This is a wonderful summer food and is perfect for an outdoor barbeque.

Coleslaw and Salad

Coleslaw is the perfect side dish for a pork roast for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is served chilled so it helps to contrast the temperature of the warm and juicy pig meat. Also, if the coleslaw has a lot of vinegar in it, this will help to cut through the greasiness in your mouth from the pig meat. This is why you will see many Southern USA barbeque places offering coleslaw as a side dish alongside their pulled pork.

Also, you will want to provide a few different types of salad as well, such as spinach salad, mixed green salad or Mexican inspired salad with salsa, avocado, carrot and corn.

Apple Sauce

Some things just go well together and pork and applesauce is one of those golden combinations. There is a perfect balance between the greasy, juicy, smoked barbeque flavour of the roast pork meat and the sweet, tangy, fruity and light applesauce. If you are serving up a pork roast, make sure that you have plenty of delicious chilled applesauce to serve alongside it.

Use Bramley cooking apples, peel them, chop them and bring them to a boil in a pan. Reduce and simmer until they are soft and pulpy. Then, remove the apples from the heat and beat them with a wooden spoon until they are smooth. Add in a little bit of butter and caster sugar to taste. Make sure that the apple sauce is nice and thick, so that it can be spooned onto the pork.

Baps, Potatoes or Rice?

There are a few options when it comes to serving a carbohydrate along with your pork roast. You might want to offer fresh and fluffy white or whole wheat burger buns. Your guests can put the pork meat on the bap, add the condiments of their choice (such as apple sauce, barbeque sauce, tomato sauce) and then enjoy. Also, sometimes a pork roast can go really well with rice as a side dish – such as a New Orleans style Cajun jambalaya or a South American inspired red beans and rice mixture. Another option is to offer potatoes, whether in the form of seasoned wedges, roasted potatoes or even jacket potatoes.

The answer will depend on the culinary theme of the event, the preferences of your guests and whether or not guests have utensils and a place to sit (rice or potatoes) or are simply snacking while standing (burger buns).

These are just a few ideas, but of course whatever you serve at your pig roast is up to you – so go with what you love!

Chris Hoole is a freelance writer as well as a food and culture blogger. He offers great insights on his blog into regional cuisine, tips for hosting parties and the intriguing origins of our favourite foods.

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Grilled Steak on Friday Cheat Day

Taping fliers on your door is normal in Korea, there are times we could find 2 or 3 food fliers taped in our door from different super market or restaurants, every month there’s a small booklet too full of advertisements from different food establishments. So the other day when I went out to throw our garbage in the bin for biodegradable waste I found a Lotte Super flier in our door. I brought it  inside and just left it on top of our microwave oven.

My husband look at the flier before going to work and he found  a deal for red meat, they are on 37% sale or ₩1,000 for 100g of red meat. We are planning to have grilled meat and this is such a good deal so instead of buying marinated meat in the nearby super market I went to Lotte Super bringing the flier to the meat counter.


We grilled the steak last night in our balcony using our electric grill unlike grilling pork this is very easy. I didn’t spend so much time grilling the meat as my husband requested for medium rare steak. It was just too bad we have no steak sauce because my husband thought he doesn’t need it but for the last minute he wants a steak sauce but he has no desire of going down to the supermarket. I can’t because I am busy in the balcony.

When I am done grilling most of the  meat, I marinated the two steak left on the basin using water, soy sauce, salt and brown sugar. I also pour salt on the other two meat I am currently grilling so it has taste aside from being meaty.

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Samgyeopsal – Pork Barbecue

Samgyeopsal is a popular Korean dish, every where you can see barbecue or grill restaurants in Korea. Anyway I didn’t finish the work out I left the gym first so I can go to Noghyup Supermarket and shop for pork meat. I bought 1.5 kilos of meat marinated in soy sauce with carrots and onions.


I barbecued the meat in our balcony, I just opened the window and put the electric grill in top of the washing machine. It took me one hour to barbecue all of them.



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