Dumpling Soup

I have been hooked up playing Candy Crush Saga in Facebook when my husband asked me how willing I am to go downstairs and buy Tteokbokki and mandu, I just replied I will buy later and continue to play the game. I have been trapped for two days already in Level 27 of Candy Crush Saga and I don’t want my life to be wasted again and again.

While playing I have noticed he is preparing food in the kitchen so I get up and asked if he don’t like Tteokbokki anymore. Little did I know my husband is waiting for me to get up and he think I am not interested so he prepared a meal with gochujang instead. Anyway to cut the story short I went down to the nearby canteen and ordered “Mandu” the woman says “guk” I just said yes thinking she is saying cook, the mandu to be cook. I waited and sit in one of the vacant chairs,  there’s two middle school student eating and two little girls which I think her kids.

When she is already preparing the dumplings or mandu I think something is wrong I am expecting a steamed dumplings but as what I am seeing she is making a soup,  oh well it was really a soup. I paid for my order though it is not the first thing in my mind but I have said yes when she asked me isn’t it?

I bought Tteokbokki on the first floor of the apartment building and went back to our apartment. The soup tastes good and it is my favorite at this time, I will probably choose this one over the instant fresh noodles I am buying in GS25.

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Mandu, Sandwich and Chocolate Muffins

My husband craves for chicken sandwich so I went out to look for them, I ended up in two GS25 shop and didn’t find chicken sandwich and with those two shop I bought one sandwich each because I don’t want to went out on a store without buying something.

After it I went to the Mandu place which is very busy it has a lot of customer eating inside and customers waiting outside for take out, I just stand with the others while waiting for my fried dumplings. After few minutes of waiting I finally got my order and I went straight to Tae Guk Dung to buy chocolate muffins, their muffins is becoming smaller and smaller everyday.

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