5 Foods That Help Constipation

Being constipated is never a fun experience. It causes pain and discomfort, and it can also make some people feel rather embarrassed. Fortunately, certain foods are able to help with this condition.

High Fiber Cereals

Fiber is a major help when you are constipated, so look for high fiber cereals. You can start your morning off with a healthy breakfast, and hopefully, that constipation will be relieved before you have to go to work. These cereals are tasty, and they do not necessarily taste like a “health” food either. You can still enjoy the taste of your favourite morning bowl.


You probably are not surprised to see beans on this list. While eating a straight can of beans probably does not sound too appealing, you can incorporate these foods into others. For example, rice and beans makes for an excellent side dish. You can also find some pre-made bean burritos in the store, so you can take these with you for your lunches. If you are eating at a Mexican restaurant, beans are readily available. However, you do not want to choose foods that are going to further aggravate your stomach, so be careful.

Banana, Okra, Papaya

Certain Fruits

Some fruits are notorious for helping you to get rid of constipation. Figs and prunes are two examples because these foods have plenty of fiber in them. Yes, you might be covering your mouth at the thought of these two foods because they are not highly favoured ones. Still though, just imagine the relief you will feel if they do work. You could also try mashing them up and hiding them in other foods like a pancake or waffle. Think of it as a jelly instead of what it really is.

Watch a Movie

You might be confused as to how watching a movie is going to help with your constipation. Well, first of all it is going to relax you. More importantly though, a delicious bowl of air-popped popcorn can actually take away your constipation. Once again, this food is packed with fiber. Much like the beans, you need to be aware of its common partners. Try to avoid adding that butter, at least just for today. When you have too much fat with the food, you could just make your stomach feel even worse.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are one way to bring more fiber into your diet, and they are available in many different forms. For example, you might enjoy whole grain bread for your afternoon sandwich or eat a bowl of whole grain pasta for supper with your family. Whatever the case may be, just try to incorporate more of these grains.

These foods really have the ability to help your constipation. Once your constipation is over, do not just forget about them. Adding more fiber into your diet on a regular basis can definitely be a smart strategy to take for optimal health. But if you have little time to wait for these foods to work in your system and are truly uncomfortable try Dulcolax fast acting laxative as sometimes you just need that quick push to get you on the right track. Some people are not suited to this type of diet, so check with your doctor.

Author Bio: John is a dietitian and has been for the past 2 years. In his spare time he likes to write blogs about health, fitness and all round well-being.

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