Chicken Fillet Pizza from Pizza School

It is the weekend and we are craving for something good, pizza is on my husband’s mind and fried chicken is on mine. But my husband doesn’t want to buy fried chicken because it is a bit expensive and he doesn’t want to eat chicken, so when I went to pizza school I have ordered the pizza he like and I have ordered my chicken, my chicken fillet pizza exactly!

Chicken Fillet Pizza

Great choice isn’t it? I am not only going to have a chicken but also a pizza, I have enjoyed it so much with chili sauce toppings and fickles at the side.  Yum!

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Bulgogi and Super Combination Pizza

Eating comfort food on the weekend is our routine after a long week work-out in the gym. This week we tried something new because we’ve been eating fried chicken from BHC a month already. We had 59 pizza this week, bulgogi and super combination pizza to be exact, when I ordered the girl didn’t know that I am going to order two pizza so she charged me for one order only so I have to do sign language.

59 Pizza

My husband loves pizza so much that he can eat one large pizza in just one sitting so one pizza is not really enough for the two of us.

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