Hotteok a Sweet Korean Pancakes

Since fall season came the weather in Korea is getting colder, to others it could be a lot of fun but for someone who came from tropical country it requires a lot of warm to have fun. The other day when my husband arrived from school he immediately informed me that the guy we saw selling street foods when we first arrived in our new place was already there selling freshly cooked hotteok.


I immediately went down to buy some it was been a long time since we had them. Hotteok is a Korean pancake with sugary flavor in the inside, well it seems the guy only sells Hotteok and Oding during colder season because we didn’t find him anymore during the summer.

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Cheese Sticks and Korean Pepper Street Food

The other day my husband craves for the cheese stick I bought from the canteen in the corner so he asked me to buy few and pepper twigim as well. When I went there it was a little busy it seems most of the Korean felt cold from the rain and decided to have street food to feel warm. I waited for my turn, when I ordered I just point the food I want and used hand sign for how many do I want to order.

Cheesesticks in a Stick

I bought ten sticks of cheese sticks, I think is merely for a kid but we’d like it than the factory cheese sticks in the supermarket, they taste better and cheesy as well.

Pepper Twigim

My husband asked me to buy five pieces gochu (pepper) twigim but I bought ten pieces,  the other five is for me. Hehe,

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Street Food and Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins

We had a different treat for tonight my husband is craving for street food so I went out to buy  street food, instead of going to the old place I went to a different food shop and buy this twigim below.

After buying street food I went to Baskin Robbins and buy ice cream.

Thinking my husband might not like the street food I have bought another set of twigims on the old shop. The  daughter of the owner was there so it was easy for me to say what do I want because she can speak a little English.

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