Dumpling Soup

I have been hooked up playing Candy Crush Saga in Facebook when my husband asked me how willing I am to go downstairs and buy Tteokbokki and mandu, I just replied I will buy later and continue to play the game. I have been trapped for two days already in Level 27 of Candy Crush Saga and I don’t want my life to be wasted again and again.

While playing I have noticed he is preparing food in the kitchen so I get up and asked if he don’t like Tteokbokki anymore. Little did I know my husband is waiting for me to get up and he think I am not interested so he prepared a meal with gochujang instead. Anyway to cut the story short I went down to the nearby canteen and ordered “Mandu” the woman says “guk” I just said yes thinking she is saying cook, the mandu to be cook. I waited and sit in one of the vacant chairs,  there’s two middle school student eating and two little girls which I think her kids.

When she is already preparing the dumplings or mandu I think something is wrong I am expecting a steamed dumplings but as what I am seeing she is making a soup,  oh well it was really a soup. I paid for my order though it is not the first thing in my mind but I have said yes when she asked me isn’t it?

I bought Tteokbokki on the first floor of the apartment building and went back to our apartment. The soup tastes good and it is my favorite at this time, I will probably choose this one over the instant fresh noodles I am buying in GS25.

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Korean Street Food – Twigim

After gym I went to our favorite canteen to buy Korean street foods the people are happy to see me and one of them started to ask me again in Hangul and as usual all I can say is Mulayo Hangul. Anyway I just pointed out what I like and how many pieces by showing finger sign and when it was total I have samchon left but my husband asked me to spend all the money he gave me so I sign of getting more twigim (friend fritters) and mandu. The owner add more twigim and it she referred it as service so I said my thank you.

The photo photo below is butter and deep fried stuffed pepper twigim and Sweet Potato Twigim or Goguma, twigim means fritters.

And of course we had mandu, the long one are made of vegetables and noodles while the round one is kimchi flavored.

I happened to see corn as well 3 pieces for samchom (₩3,000)

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