Macaroons Mocha Cake from Paris Baguette

After watching the season finale of The American Baking Competition we agreed to have a cake last weekend, we’ve been watching the tv show since it started and we always end up craving for sweets and pastries. Originally I would like to buy chocolate cake but my husband tired of me always buying chocolate cake requested me to have something new so I choose macaroons mocha cake it was bit expensive because it is larger than the others. When my husband saw the cake his first impression is we already have that, well I have no choice because he doesn’t like chocolate cake and I am pretty sure he will not like white chocolate cake, blueberry yoghurt cake or strawberry yoghurt cake and other fruity cake and I didn’t mention anymore that there’s cheese cake.

Macaroons Mocha Cake

Well I am the first one who eat the cake, to enjoy it I also prepare a cup of coffee while watching a local show. The cake was good and the mocha taste was great, love the macaroons as well.

After hours I felt hungry again but I doesn’t like eating cake again because too much sugar already so I ate the left over Bulgogi pizza we had on Friday.  Within just few minutes I had a terrible headache with nausea and I ended up throwing out the food I have eaten. I first believed that my food intolerance strike again, I experience this when I eat food which is not freshly cook or meat that is not fresh.

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Mouthwatering BHC Chicken

My husband and I is craving for chicken last night so we decided to try BHC Chicken, to make sure what we would like to order we look on their menu online. They have plenty of chicken menu compare to other fried chicken establishment, I took picture of the chicken we would like to order so it would be easy for me to tell them what I want to order without looking at their menu board or book.

BHC Chicken

We decided to order two  매운 닭날개 구이.  So when I went to BHC I showed them my camera where I took picture of the menu online aside from it I also ordered 미니콜팝, while waiting I decided to drop by beside the Paris Baguette and bought some sweets including a small cake.

Big Hit Chicken -매운 닭날개 구이

The chicken set includes cola, sauce and preserved raddish as side dish. The chicken we ordered was spicy, if we just know we ordered two different types of chicken.

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