Green Salad with Chicken Tidbits

My husband “discover” a new meal that he could add on his diet, green salad with tomato, lettuce, olive oil, vinegar and chicken tidbits all mixed together. I say discover because it is not part of his diet but one night while looking for a food to eat he saw my tomatoes in the fridge and he decided to prepare a salad and voila it became part of his diet after few days.

Chicken Salad

Well eating salad became also part of my diet since I don’t eat a lot of vegetables, I usually ate meat, sausages, spam and eggs. It was not a balance meal and I surely need green food.

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Egg Tomato Salad

This is my poor man’s version  of egg tomato salad. It was getting late and I didn’t eat my lunch yet, cooking will take time so I boiled eggs and cut one tomato from the fridge, mixed them together with salt and ready to eat.

Egg Tomato Salad

Eating with raw tomato in the table is the food I missed in the Philippines, we ate tomato most of the time. It is my family favorite side dish in partner with fried fish, meat and even eggs.

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