Egg and Sausage Sandwich

These past few days I am so busy boxing things we don’t use anymore and needs to go home, I am boxing things as much as I can so they won’t be left behind when we left Korea and I can also travel light. With that, I forgot to eat and I will just realize that I am hungry when I felt dizzy moving around.

Egg and Sausage Sandwich

The other night with only an hour before we sleep I decided to prepare egg and sausage sandwich for myself, it was a good thing that there’s only one pair of bread left that I can look after my diet, you know older people say it is bad to eat a lot at night.

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Mandu, Sandwich and Chocolate Muffins

My husband craves for chicken sandwich so I went out to look for them, I ended up in two GS25 shop and didn’t find chicken sandwich and with those two shop I bought one sandwich each because I don’t want to went out on a store without buying something.

After it I went to the Mandu place which is very busy it has a lot of customer eating inside and customers waiting outside for take out, I just stand with the others while waiting for my fried dumplings. After few minutes of waiting I finally got my order and I went straight to Tae Guk Dung to buy chocolate muffins, their muffins is becoming smaller and smaller everyday.

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