Sauteed Monggo Beans (Ginisang Monggo)

Cooking and eating Filipino food  is a luxury for me in Korea so I seldom shop for these type of food. Not just they’re bit expensive than the way they are used to be in the Philippines but because there’s only a few stores that sell Asian food. When I met my friends in Hyehwa I bought monggo beans, salty egg and smoked fish in the informal Filipino Market, the monggo beans which you could buy for 10-20 pesos is worth 175 pesos.

Ginisang Monggo

I sauteed the monggo beans the other day, I started by boiling the monggo beans in a separate pot. I almost forgot about it, I just remember when the water started to dry.  Next I did is saute garlic and onion in a separate pot and add the left over string beans, then water and monggo beans when brown. The water from the boiled monggo beans is also best to use but since I over boiled my monggo beans I have nothing else to use. When the vegetable is almost cooked I add lettuce and salt to taste.

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Sauteed String Beans and Water Spinach

As what I have blogged previously I’ve only used half of the string beans and water spinach on my chicken adobo. I have noticed the left over vegetables are getting old and dry so I immediately sauteed them in garlic and onion. I was pleased with the result after adding a pinch of salt despite that I burnt the garlic and onion.

Fried Kangkong and Spring Beans

Eating these vegetables don’t happen every day as they are not around in the local Korean supermarket so I savor the flavor.

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Chicken Adobo with Kangkong

On our last shopping day I bought chicken and sprite so I can cook chicken adobo with sprite but unfortunately my husband drink the can of sprite when we had a spicy BHC chicken. So instead I cooked my adobo with string beans and kangkong, I also added the ladies finger because they’re getting old. I bought these vegetables on Sunday at Filipino market in Hyehwa. I just thought it would be easier if I cooked them together rather than separately as I am also planning to cook the vegetables in soy sauce.

Chicken Adobo with Kangkong

Cooking this is just like the normal adobo you just need to add the vegetables when the chicken is already tender. I just used half of the chicken so I will not get tired of eating adobo.

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