Why I like American-style Fridge Freezers

There are few things in the modern kitchen more striking than the American-style fridge freezer and since the first time I saw one, I knew I had to have one.

You only have to look at one to know it’s as much a statement as it is a practicality. This behemoth towers over normal fridges and freezers and can give a kitchen that clean and contemporary look in the same way that an old-fashioned Aga oven can add a classic touch to a room.

And the fact is, I’m not alone in wanting one. After seeing sales of American Fridge Freezers increase by a whopping 68 per cent, one buyer at John Lewis observed: “Customers are choosing to spend more on appliances that will stand the test of time in terms of design and functionality.”

The idea behind the fridge freezer is not new. Unless you were one of those people who’s parents had one of those old giant freezers with a lid like a coffin then you’ll be familiar with the type that most people have – a cupboard-style freezer with a fridge stacked on top. In terms of basic function, they’re more or less the same.

Fridge Freezer

 So why is it that people like the American-style?

Well firstly, as I think you might have noticed, the design is very appealing. They never look cheap or plastic, in fact you’ll usually see them with some sort of brushed steel or aluminium casing and, if you’re going to spend money on improving the look of your kitchen (which is vital if you’re on the housing market) then you’re going to need appliances that look good.

Another factor is the sheer amount of space they offer. Unlike the cupboard-style fridge freezers, which typically only contain three or four shelves or drawers, American Fridge Freezers contain a large number of shelves that fill the vertical space and can be adjusted to suit whatever you choose to put in there and often include a couple of drawers as well. This is one of the key advantages that these devices offer, although they can look imposing and give the impression of taking up a lot of room, the vertical organisation of space means that, in terms of footprint, they take up very little space compared to the amount of food they can house.

But probably most importantly, and certainly one of the things that originally caught my eye about these great appliances, is the number of extra features that they have.

The first thing you’ll notice is the ice maker and water dispenser that is usually housed in the front of the freezer door. Although it means that the Fridge Freezer needs to be plumbed in to the mains, being able to just produce ice in the middle of summer without having to fill those crumby ice trays or buy a bag from the supermarket makes it totally worth it. Plus, it will always impress at least one of your relatives!

The ability to control things like humidity and temperature is another great function. This can really help prevent build up of ice on the back panel of the fridge – a problem that can plague other devices. Many American Fridge Freezers also have special cooling areas for bottled drinks or a designated salad drawer where the environment is maintained at the perfect level to keep your salad fresh. Some of the more up-to-date versions even have an anti-bacterial lining that will prevent the spread of bacteria.

There are some drawbacks to these appliances though. Obviously they are usually priced higher than other devices and you’ll also notice that they use more electricity than standard fridge freezers as well, but I have to say that if you’re looking for a statement appliance that’s going to stand the test of time, then I cannot recommend the American-style Fridge Freezer highly enough.

A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.

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